(Sunrise, 12-31-2017, Placitas, New Mexico copyright by Mary Lee Dereske)

    I can't even begin to list the number of web sites that tout, promote, explain, extol, and wildly encourage photographers to take on a 365 day challenge.

    So I won't (thank GOD I hear you say!).

    I WILL cut to the chase and explain what a 365 day challenge means. It is quite simply making an image every single day for a year. And it all goes back to something we've all heard since time began: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

    So here it is, December 31, 2017, and you might be toying with the idea of a 365 day challenge. Some questions to ask yourself:

    • WHY do I want to do a challenge? Is it to improve my photography, to explore a theme, or because it's "what photographers do"? Know your reason and motivation and you will suceed.
    • HOW am I going to accomplish this? Smartphone? Or my "good camera"? Maybe you even want to use an instant film camera.
    • WHAT am I going to do with my photos? Post them on social media everyday and share? Or use them as part of a bigger project, like a book or documentary?
    • WHEN am I going to start? January 1 is an arbritrary date. Maybe your birthdate or other special date is more meaningful to you.
    • HOW OFTEN am I going to take photos? Maybe a 365 challenge to you is taking one day a week for an entire year to make images.

    WHATEVER you decide, remember the rules, constraints, opportunities and theme of a challenge are totally up to you. And whatever that is, that is the RIGHT challenge to have!

    Here's to a new day of photography for everyone!