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  • Birdsong App: Harmful Imposters

    Image: "First Born" copyright Mary Lee Dereske

    Most of us have seen beautiful images of tropical and migratory songbirds. Photographers work hard, and often use insanely expensive equipment to make the mages. The majority of bird photographers are responsible and well educated bird watching enthusiast. 

    So I was surprised to read this article on and find out that some photographers are harming birds with smartphone apps! I think it is important enough to reprint most of the article here:

    "Birdwatchers who play back birdsongs on their smartphones to attract wild birds can stop the winged creatures from performing important tasks like feeding their young, experts warn. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) says it is receiving more reports of people playing birdsong recordings so they can photograph birds or observe them up close.

    "It is selfish and shows no respect to the bird. People should never use playback to attract a species during its breeding season," said southern Wales RSPB spokesman Tony Whitehead.

    Bird expert Chris Thain told the BBC that people would be "devastated" if they realized how much harm the use of the apps can cause to wildlife.

    There you have it. Use birdsong smartphone apps wisely! And while you're at it, follow and read the weekly diary of our planet Earth.