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  • 3 Photo Lessons from Super Bowl LII

    Image: Last Chance Colorado; copyright Mary Lee Dereske

    I'm not a huge football fan. I do, however, tend to watch the Super Bowl. After yesteday's game I thought it would be fun to see what photo "lessons" I could take away from the game. In no particular order, here are 3 photo lessons for photographers. 

    • Sometimes you take the hit. While commentators were analyzing whether the Eagles made a fair catch in the end zone, watching endless replays of the players falling to the ground and sliding past the far end of the field, I watched in utter fascination as more than 400# of combined football players slid into a row of cameramen, tripods, and cameras. The lesson? If you're serious about your work, you have to put yourself and your equipment out there and take a risk. I bet those cameramen got a good shot!
    • Persevere. The Eagles QB almost gave up the game, then after some soul searching, came back to continue playing professionally. Now he's a Super Bowl Champion. How many times have you felt like giving up? Sometimes you just need to take a break, think it over, then get yourself back into the game.
    • Just because someone else tried it doesn't mean you shouldn't.  During the game, both QBs tried a trick play where they ran down the field to recieve. The first time it didn't succeed, the second time it did. What if the second QB had said "Oh, it didn't work. Guess it's not worth the trouble." Photography is the same - every photographer has a different take on a subject. The world needs to see your take on it. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. But try.

    So, photographers, get in the game, take a risk, and show the world who you are!