Walking Away…but still here

I made choices when I photographed the sculpture The Foundation of Animalia and Fungi. What angle? Line up the tree in the background or not? Horizontal? Vertical? I knew I wanted an image, but how was the operative question.

If you follow me, you know it’s been a long time since I posted a blog, a picture, or changed anything on my website. I know I want a website, but how is the operative question now. (Hope I don’t sound too much like Dr. Seuss — “How now brown cow?”)

I find my current web site builder cumbersome. My subscription is about to renew. Rather than allowing my site to languish for yet another year, I’ve decided to explore using a different web site builder.

So…expect a reset on this site by mid-November 2021. I’m not sure what it’s going to look like yet, and all my blog posts may disappear into the ether. Some things will remain – you’ll be able to contact me, I’ll have links to my books and to my print on demand site.

Like the legs in the image, I’ll be walking, but I’ll still be here. See you in November

The Foundation of Animalia and Fungi by David D’Ostilio at Price Sculpture Garden, Coupeville, Washington

2 responses to “Walking Away…but still here”

  1. But before you move on i just wanna look back at your prior pieces, then try to follow you for the while longer I have!

    Thank you Mary Lee!


    1. Mary Lee Dereske Avatar
      Mary Lee Dereske

      Awww, you’re the best! I started working on the new site yesterday. I think it will be nicely organized, AND much easier on my frustration level.


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