My photography: When I try to describe my photography, I find the words fly away from me as quickly as the perfect moment of light on a scene. The subjects are universal – nature, travel and life. I try to find the essence of three dimensions and put it into two dimensions. It is not easy, and that keeps me going.

Mary Lee Dereske

A little more: My images have appeared in juried gallery shows in New Mexico and Washington. To reach a broad audience, I offer my images for purchase on the internet. I am grateful to the people in the USA, UK, Canada, Vienna, Italy, Australia and Argentina who have supported me. It is humbling to know my images have spoken to others in some way.

I love creating photo books. In 2018 I published a short run of Trees Are My Muse-A Tale of Love and Friendship, which sold coast to coast. “Trees,” along with the book A Walk in the Village (The Placitas Project) were both shown at the November 2018 Placitas Artist Series in New Mexico.There is just something about a book. Books take you on a journey. I hope I never quit finding inspiration to create them.

I am grateful to all the professionals who have shared their wisdom and insights with me, whether by formal instruction or some other means.

Personal: I live in New Mexico, a land of wide open spaces, blue skies, mountains, deserts and summers that are sometimes too hot. I grew up in Michigan, a land of clear waters, green forests, lakeshores, sand dunes and winters that are sometimes too gray.

I love them both.

…a few thoughts…

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

Isaac Newton, 1643-1727

We live to learn.

Helen “Nellie” Herron Taft, 1861-1943

Why hadn’t I had at least tried? It was useless, I know, to cry over spilt milk, but it was a lesson I would carry for the rest of my life. If you feel passionate about something, let no obstacle stop you.

Ruth Gruber, 1911-2016

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