My books intertwine my love of photography with contemplation, wisdom and the beauty of life. I think of them as photo books with purpose. Isn’t that the way all books should be?

Books are printed at Blurb publishing and sent directly to you. Preview each book via the book images below. You can also go directly to the bookstore below. If you would like a signed copy, contact me for details.

A Walk In the Village (The Placitas Project)

Shown at the Placitas Artist Series, November 2018.

When you walk with purpose, you see things that otherwise may be invisible. This book takes you on a walk through Placitas, New Mexico, a village that searches for lost cats, keeps its cars, and plays outside.

Available in hard cover with a dust jacket.

Trees Are My Muse – A Tale of Love and Friendship

FEATURED in the Albuquerque Journal, Sunday, March 11, 2018 arts section.

FULL PAGE FEATURE in the Sandoval County Signpost, April 2018, page 22.

Through photos and prose, trees from around the world whisper a small tale, a tale of their lives and how their lives intertwine with ours. “Trees Are My Muse” presents a tribute to the ones who breathe out the air we breathe in, and who breathe in the air we breathe out.

Available in hard cover with a dust jacket or in soft cover. Also available as an ebook.

That I May Always Plant Trees – A Lithuanian Prayer

Now ostensibly Christian, Lithuania’s religious heritage rests on a beautiful ancient mythology. This small treasure is an adaptation of a pagan Lithuanian prayer, translated into English. The prayer is beautifully illustrated with Lithuanian scenes made in a 2009 visit to Lithuania (the homeland of my grandparents).

Available in hard cover, soft cover, and ebook.

Prayer of St. Francis – A Prayer for Peace

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.” Thus begins this beautiful prayer, a meditation to expand peace in the world, beginning with one’s self. Originally published in 1912 in a small French magazine, this prayer has been known by several names, from the original “Belle prière à faire pendant la messe” to the “Prayer of St. Francis.” Images compliment each phrase, creating a prayer book to be treasured and returned to again and again.

Available in hard cover, soft cover, and ebook.

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