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I have fallen in love with creating gilded photographs. I combine digital images with the ancient art of gilding. This magical process takes my photography to an entirely new space. I’m essentially melding the present and the past in a single artwork.

I start with my own digital photo. Some photos I perform basic edits to, others I enhance with subtle texturing. Once I achieve the look I want, I print the image on translucent acid free vellum. After treating the vellum to make it impervious, I gild the reverse side of the image using metal leaf.

Gilding, the layering of a thin sheet of gold (or other metal) over a surface was first done thousands of years ago. It is an unforgiving art (at least it has yet to forgive me). The thin metal leaf blows away with a single breath and easily tears. It shows the texture of the surface and the stroke of the brush which applied the sizing (a form of adhesive). Each metal has a different look. Some alloys have a crackly expression. Silver, copper, 24K gold, and palladium tend to present a smoother face. I sometimes use a gesso for accents, or use metals as an accent with a gesso applied as the main layer.

The final artwork is difficult to show in a photograph — each unique piece has a depth and luster to it. If I may be so bold, they are beautiful. The artworks I’m creating are between 4×6 and 5×7 inches in size. Each is a small gem. I make only one of a kind

One of my favorite photographers, Pentti Sammallahti, has said it is important to him to make the final print, and he finds the work peaceful; there is no hurry (Pentti works in black and white film and develops his own work). I share his sentiment with each piece I make.

Bosque del Apache, NM (sold)


Placitas Artist Series 2022
November (over)
Placitas, NM

Placitas Artist Series 2022
November (over)
Placitas, NM


Currently, I sell my gilded artworks at local shows and venues. Shows are listed on this page. I am developing a catalog of available works, which will eventually be able for viewing. In the meantime, please contact me to see what I may have available.

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